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Ashton-Tate announced dBASE IV in February with an anticipated release set for July of that year. dBASE IV was eventually released in October as two products: Standard and Developer's editions. Unfortunately, dBASE IV was both slow and very buggy. dBase's underlying file format, file, is widely used in applications needing a simple format to store structured data. dBase was originally published by Ashton-Tate for microcomputer operating system CP/M in , and later ported to Apple II and IBM PC computers running DOS. On the PC platform, in particular, . 19 Sep eWEEK Ashton-Tate’s dBASE dominated the early PC database market until competitors stepped in to deliver follow-on products with enhanced features users were looking for. Ashton-Tate's dBASE was one of the most popular early PC applications, as the Swiss Army Knife of.

31 Mar What happened: dBASE IV, mostly. That upgrade was late and buggy, and Ashton-Tate didn't move fast enough to fix it, ticking off the loyal developers who had made dBASE a standard. The company also spent a lot of time suing competitors, which is never as productive an investment of time and. 18 Nov The package inspired a bevy of add-ons and clones; countless companies dedicated themselves to performing dBase development and consulting. The bad things: In , Ashton-Tate released dBase IV (scroll to page 69 of this link for the story), the successor to dBase III Plus. Like many a major upgrade. dBASE IV v Ashton-Tate dBase was an early popular database management system for CP/M and MS-DOS. It was regarded as one of the killer applications for CP/M that achieved good success, as license prices were around $ per installation for dBASE II. At the time of conception Ashton-Tate was a garage based.

After 2 years since announcement, Ashton-Tate released dBASE IV in which would be seen as it's downfall, as it was unable to compete against newer SQL offerings. It was eventually sold to Borland in Many dBASE developers would eventually start working in the closely related Fox Software / Microsoft FoxPro. Also recommended as a data entry tool for further sta- tistical analysis by another package. Not recommended for the serious researcher for its analytical ability. dBASE IV Sampler (Student Version). Publisher: Ashton-Tate, Hamilton Ave., Torrance, CA ; (sales); ( educational. 20 Mar And, while the original Ashton-Tate version was developed for the CP/M operating system (remember those dual /4 in. floppies--one for the program, to dBASE after the astounding success of dBASE III, but, according to Wikipedia, the decline started with "the disastrous introduction of dBase IV, whose.


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