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Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence (Juergensmeyer ), terrorism, ; BW and, 32, 41n74; Egypt and, ; Israel and, , 73, 76, n1 Tibet, , Tiep Hien Order oflnterbeing, Tokyo, 19, , Tolstoy, Leo, n3 Torah, , n36 torture, 13, 67n6 toxins, 36n31, 39n , Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Tornado warning systems, Tort, 94 Tort law, 94 Training and Exercise Plan Workshop (T&EPW ), building block approach, discussion questions, documentation, earthquake and tsunami, exercise evaluation, exercise phases, . tectonic processes: and climate forcing teleconnections: ENSO events –2 temperature: adiabatic change 76–8; annual and diurnal, related to local energy ; effects in early summer –6; splitting the upper westerlies , ; winter anticyclone Tokyo: urban growth-climate relations –18 topographic.

Tokyo , Tokyo University Tomorrow's World 46 'TopFlight' Topical Magnetic Resonance (TMR) , Townsend, Martin Trapp, Wakaba Wakeling, Richard ,, Wall Street, see stockmarkets Watson, Thomas J. Jr. Waxman, Al wealth creation , Webb, Prof. Journal of Japanese Studies 2 (2): – Pearson, Richard The nature of Japanese archaeology. Asian Perspectives 31(2)– Sahara, Makoto Yamanouchi Sugao ron [On Sugao Yamanouchi]. Jomon Bunka no Kenkyu , edited by S. Kato, et al., Vol. 10, pp. –Tokyo: Yuzankako. Saito, Tadashi . ; test drilling on reef i 3i9 oil spills: early concerns 29i: Oceanic Grandeur grounding ; Santa Barbara blowout 33v; Torrey Canyon disaster Onslow. Arthur, opponent of Krefft i Pan-Pacific Science Congresses: Bandung i; Hawaii i; Melbourne i ; Tokyo f. Pan- Pacific Union.

–). New York: Garland Publishing. Shimizu, K. (). 'Uragawa no nippon: Nikkei nanbeijin no dkasegi to gakkó kyôiku'. Kyoóiku Shakaigaku Kenkyū, 66, 21– Shimizu, K. (ed.). (). Kókö o ikiru nyikamā: Osaka huritsu Shisutemu 6: Kaiso shakai kara atarashii shimin shakai e (pp. –). Tokyo : Tokyo. Theatre Tokyo International School (TIS) Tokyo International Singers Tokyo International University (TIU) Tokyo International Volleyball Club Transferring A Foreign Licence 56 Transportation Travel Agencies Travis Johnson Tribes Trois Grois Tsubohachi Tsunashima. –). Tokyo: Temple Univer- sity, Japan. Suzuki, M. (). Negotiation processes and text changes in Japanese learnersL self-revisions and peer revisions of guage Learning, 46, – Van den Branden, K. (). Effects of negotiation on language learners' output. Language Learning, 47, – Villamil.


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