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Please note: REVTeX now requires the latest version of the natbib package, version a which was released in November One of the major new features in made possible by the joint work on "natbib ". The README file contains information about how to unpack and install the file. revtex – Styles for various Physics Journals. Includes styles for American Physical Society, American Institute of Physics, and Optical Society of America. The distribution consists of the RevTeX class itself, and several support packages . I Changes in REVTEX 2. I REVTEX 4 Backwards Compatibility. 3. I Submitting to APS Journals. 3. I Submitting to AIP Journals. 3. I Contact Information. 3. II. Some LATEX 2ε Basics. 3. II Useful LATEX 2ε Markup. 3. Fonts. 3. User-defined macros. 4. Symbols. 4. II Using LATEX 2ε packages with . REVTEX.

\ClassError{\[email protected]}{The #1 package cannot be used with \[email protected]}% \@tempa\stop }{% \[email protected]{#1 was not loaded (OK!)}% }% }% \def\[email protected] [email protected]#1{% \gappdef\[email protected]{\[email protected]{#1}}% }% \ifx\ undefined\[email protected] \def\[email protected]{ltxutil}% \[email protected]{You should define. By default, revtex reserves a whole page to typeset the title and the author(s) information; to change this behaviour, you need to use the notitlepage class option: \documentclass[notitlepage]{revtex}. Floating environments created with the float package (as algorithm is) are incompatible with the revtex class. The only way you have to include such an environment in your document, is to use the floating specifier H, which avoids the environment to float. MWE: \documentclass[aip, amsmath, amssymb.

10 Feb There are cases in wich one cannot download revtex4 package from any system's repository (like Synaptics or MikTeX Package Manager). The RevTeX 4 team recommends downloading the TeX Live package, since it has everything including revtex4. Actually, TeX Live includes all the major TeX-related. REVTEX 4 Command and Options Summary. American Physical Society∗. One Research Road, Ridge, NY (Dated: July ). This is the REVTEX 4 Command and Options Sum- mary. It details usage for many of the new commands and options that are available in REVTEX 4. Please see the REVTEX 4 Author's. 25 Jul Primary Source. One single file generates all. %revtexdtx. %. Generated by tex revtexdtx. Typesetting ths file under TEX itself runs the installer, which generates the package files. %revtexcls, , revtex4. drv, apsrtx,. %aps10ptrtx, aps11ptrtx, aps12ptrtx.


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