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Opengl for windows by silicon graphics

Typographical Conventions. Function Naming Conventions. Changes in this Version of the Manual. Chapter 1. OpenGL on Silicon Graphics Systems. Using OpenGL With the X Window System. GLX Extension to the X Window System. Libraries, Tools, Toolkits, and Widget Sets. Note to IRIS GL Users. Extensions to OpenGL. Applications on a Silicon Graphics system rely on Xlib calls to manipulate windows and obtain input. An X-based window manager (usually 4Dwm) handles iconification, window borders, and overlapping windows. The IRIX Interactive Desktop environment is based on X, as is the Silicon Graphics widget set, IRIS IM. IRIS IM. Silicon Graphics Visualization Systems · What This Guide Contains · What You Should Know Before Reading This Guide · Background Reading · OpenGL and Associated Tools and Libraries · X Window System: Xlib, X Toolkit, and OSF/Motif · Other Sources · Obtaining Publications · Conventions Used in This Guide.

The OpenGL extension to the X Window System (GLX) provides a means of creating an OpenGL context and associating it with a drawable window on a computer that uses the X Window System. GLX is provided by Silicon Graphics and other vendors as an adjunct to OpenGL. For additional information on using GLX, see. 1. OpenGL on Silicon Graphics Systems · Using OpenGL With the X Window System · Extensions to OpenGL · Debugging and Performance Optimization · Location of Example Source Code. 2. OpenGL and X: Getting Started · Background and Terminology · Libraries, Toolkits, and Tools · Integrating Your OpenGL Program. However, SGI had many customers for whom the change from IrisGL to OpenGL would demand significant investment. Moreover, IrisGL had API functions that were irrelevant to 3D graphics. For example, it included a windowing, keyboard and mouse API, in part because it was developed before the X Window System and.

Microsoft and Silicon Graphics Define Distribution And Support of OpenGL on the Windows Platform. December 8, |. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., and REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 8, — Microsoft Corp. and Silicon Graphics Inc. (NYSE:SGI) today jointly announced plans to deliver a new 3-D. 17 Dec “Silicon Graphics and Microsoft have been working together since to develop OpenGL for Windows NT®,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Associates and one of the industry's leading 3-D graphics analysts. “The Fahrenheit project inaugurates the next phase of that long-standing. OpenGL for Windows from Silicon Graphics · Frequently Asked Questions about SGI OpenGL for Windows · Download SGI OpenGL for Windows · Release Notes for SGI OpenGL for Windows · Guide to OpenGL on Windows From Silicon Graphics · SGI OpenGL extension.


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