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New Warriors #3 (Volume 3). The scene opens up just outside Wichita Kansas we find that the New Warriors mobile car has gotten a flat tire. While the Warriors discuss how to fix it, the producer of the show, Ashley, is busy pitching the concept to the execs. When Mr. Fuller questions the idea of the show, Ashley promises. New Warriors (V3 ). Click on the THUMBNAILS of the cover to read the Synopsis of the issue. Within the Synopsis will be another thumbnail. Clicking on that will result in a larger version of the cover. New Warriors Vol.3 Series - #1. New Warriors Vol.3 Series - #2. New Warriors Vol.3 Series - #3. New Warriors Vol New Warriors #3 (Volume 1). I am, therefor I think. The issue opens up with a large screen playing the battle of the New Warriors against the monstrous Juggernaut. A man for the Genetech Research Complex, and up and coming, research facility, is speaking about the New Warriors. His name is Walter Rosen. Watching it.

New Warriors #4 (Volume 3). This issue begins in Nüponder, Minnesota. The small town had originally been called Ponder, until a German Automotive Company called Nücar. We also learn that apparently some large, blurred figure caught on amateur film of something that had abducted cats previously. A quick switch to. Back to title selection: Comics N: New Warriors Vol 3 Back to title selection: Comics N: New Warriors Vol 3. The New Warriors versus the Mad Thinker and Primus! Featured Characters: New Warriors Namorita Speedball (Robbie Baldwin) Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor) Kid Nova (Richard Rider) Firestar (Angelica Jones) Marvel Boy (Vance Astrovik), Namorita, Speedball (Robbie Baldwin), Night Thrasher (Dwayne.

Featured Characters: New Warriors (Namorita, Microbe, Night Thrasher, Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)). Featured Characters: New Warriors Namorita Night Thrasher Microbe Nova ( Richard Rider) Speedball (Robbie Baldwin) Debrii (First appearance) (Joins Team), Namorita, Night Thrasher, Microbe, Nova (Richard Rider), Speedball ( Robbie Baldwin), Debrii (First appearance) (Joins Team) Supporting Characters. The New Warriors is a Marvel Comics superhero team, traditionally consisting of teenage and young adult heroes. They often are seen to serve as a junior counterpart to The Avengers in much the same way that the New Mutants/X- Force did with the X-Men. They first appeared in The Mighty Thor # ( December ) as.


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